• I have received a letter - what should I do now?

    Read through the letter and decide how you wish to proceed with this claim. Contact our team on 0871 288 3823 if you need further assistance or get free, impartial advice from a Citizens Advice office.

  • How do I contact you to discuss this claim?

    You can call our team on 0871 288 3823, send an email to legal@ukcrs.com or write to us and send correspondence to UKCRS, PO Box 10428, Nottingham, NG8 9NE.

  • I have received a letter for someone who doesn't live at this address.

    Please call our team on 0871 288 3823 and we can assist you further.

  • Someone I know has received a letter and I want to discuss this.

    If the person in question wishes to give you authorisation, we can deal with you on their behalf. However, we would need them to contact us directly to give their authorisation or they should send us a Letter of Authority.

  • How can I pay this claim?

    Payment can be made via many methods. You can call our team on 0115 853 2903 to make payment over the phone or you can go to https://www.ukcrs-online.co.uk/payonline and pay via a debit or credit card (please note that payment by credit card will incur transaction charges). If you wish to pay directly into our bank account, please quote your case number and surname as the reference. Payee: UKCRS | Account Number: 3611 8664 | Sort Code: 56 00 61. Cheques / Postal Orders can be sent to: UKCRS, PO Box 10428, Nottingham, NG8 9NE.

  • What happens if I don't pay?

    You will receive further letters, as we want to give you the opportunity to resolve this claim without the need for any legal proceedings. However, if we are unable to do this, then the claim will be passed back to the client for them to decide whether they wish to issue court proceedings to seek further action. If they proceed to court and are successful, you may incur further costs such as court costs, legals fees and interest.

  • I don't agree with the claim.

    You have the opportunity to dispute the claim. Please put your dispute in writing, detailing the circumstances and legal basis you wish to contest the claim plus any other information pertinent to the case and send to us by email to legal@ukcrs.com or via post to UKCRS, PO Box 10428, Nottingham, NG8 9NE.

  • I cannot pay this claim in full.

    We can look to set up a payment plan for the full Claim Value, as detailed on the letter. Please note that in this case, the Settlement Figure quoted on the letter will no longer be applicable. Contact our team on 0115 853 2903 to discuss setting up a payment plan. Please note that we may need proof of your financial circumstances.

  • I am in financial difficulty.

    We can look at a longer term repayment arrangement. However, we will need proof of your financial circumstances, including details of income such as payslips, bank statements or benefits entitlement letters and a breakdown of your monthly expenditure. See the Income & Expenditure Form.

  • I want someone else to discuss this on my behalf.

    You can either call our team on 0871 288 3823 and give verbal authorisation or you can send in a signed Letter of Authority. We need this to comply with the Data Protection Act.

  • I didn't stay in the hotel - I was only the booker.

    As the party who made the booking, you are liable to our client for any breach of contract or damage that relates to the actions of your guests for the duration of the stay. However, as a goodwill gesture, if you would like the occupant to settle the claim directly, you must give us authorisation – either verbally or in writing with a Letter of Authority – and also advise the occupant to call us on 0871 288 3823. Failure to do this may result in further action being taken against you.

  • Why has it taken so long for me to be notified of this claim?

    Our clients’ claims are referred to their Head Offices for preliminary investigation before being submitted to us, which in some instances may cause unavoidable delays.

  • I have already been issued with a Penalty Notice from the police.

    This is a civil claim and is thus completely separate from any criminal action. Civil law differs from criminal law: its objective is to recompense the victim for losses caused by others’ wrongful acts. An action in criminal law does not preclude an action in civil law. Even though the police have issued a Penalty Notice as a result of the incident, our clients are still entitled to claim compensation from a wrongdoer for any losses incurred.

  • I would like a call back.

    Please complete the Call Back Form.

  • I have a medical condition that I would like taken into consideration.

    Please send in any medical proof of your condition and a letter explaining why you wish this to be taken into consideration. If you would like a third party to help you or contact us regarding this, please complete a Letter of Authority or call 0871 288 3823.

  • All the items were recovered - there was no loss to the company.

    This is a claim by our client for losses incurred in dealing with the incident, such as investigations, surveillance, security, administration etc. as a direct result of wrongdoers’ actions.