Civil Recovery

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Civil Recovery is an alternative to criminal prosecution where the matter is reported to the police, Serious Fraud Office or other Government body for investigation and possible prosecution. Civil Recovery is the legal means by which a business may attempt to reclaim losses and costs directly from a wrongdoer.

From shoplifting or damage to property, to employee embezzlement and online fraud, such actions have a direct cost and – negative – impact on the profitability and growth of any organisation.

In addition to the actual value of goods stolen or property damaged, there are unavoidable and legitimate additional costs that have to be met by the business owner – from redeployment of staff and unscheduled time spent on administration to replacing stock and loss of income during repairs.

The Cost of Crime - Some Statistics

As reported by the Centre for Retail Research, retail crime losses in the twelve months 2012-13 were £4.6billion, a figure which includes £280 million lost via online or cyber fraud.

Levels of theft in this period were the highest in nine years, with theft by customers accounting for approx. £2.2bn of this figure, followed by £1.68bn due to employee theft and fraud, £246m lost via supplier / warehouse fraud and £81m of losses incurred by criminal damage.

To help protect against such large losses, businesses invested £995m in added security costs, including staff, CCTV, electronic tagging and software.

Our Approach

Here at CRS we appreciate and understand that every business wants to tackle the often tricky subject of Civil Recovery in different ways, setting their own parameters and policy rules for pursuing claims against wrongdoers.

As such we have developed a unique framework of civil recovery solutions that can be seamlessly implemented by our clients to best meet their current requirements and which can easily be adapted in the future, as necessary – moving away from other, ‘one-size-fits-all’ processes that are prevalent in the industry.

We work in partnership with leading, award-winning law firm Woods Whur, giving us – and you – immediate access to a dedicated team of specialist solicitors and paralegals. Such direct access gives CRS an unparalleled advantage when processing claims, serving notices and, if necessary, elevating cases into the criminal justice system.

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our clients have to say about our approach to civil recovery in the testimonials below.

We constantly push technological boundaries – we are the first company to develop a free-to-use case submission app – see below -  and we’re in the business of helping your business, so please do contact us for more details or to arrange an appointment with one of our dedicated CR advisors.

About Our App

We strive to deliver intelligent, technology-driven solutions across all of our services and ‘RecApp’ is our unique, intuitive – and free – app for the submission and processing of civil recovery and litigation claims.

RecApp seamlessly connects you to our online interface where you can monitor activity in real-time across your estate.

It also enables the user to validate addresses at the point of submission and upload evidential images on the move.

Devices do not need to be continuously connected to a network as the app stores (encrypted) cases and uploads them as and when a signal is found.

RecApp is compatible with iPhones, iPods and iPads.

CRS RECAPP available for iPad, iPhone and iPod.

 Click here to download our App from the App Store.


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