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Fake Pandora Seller Jailed

The Chester Chronicle reports that a man who sold fake Pandora charms online has been given a 12 month jail sentence.

Tony McKeating was the subject of an investigation by Chester Trading Standards into the sale of counterfeit Pandora jewellery being sold on an online auction site.

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‘Survival’ Shoplifting Increases

Tayside’s top police officer revealed a 23% increase of shoplifting offences in Angus and blamed the rise on increasing poverty.

Chief Superintendent Paul Anderson said: “Food and alcohol are the most commonly stolen items and there is an indication that this increase correlates with increasing levels of poverty.”

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Modern Day Fagins Ran eBay Ring

A pair of ‘modern day Fagins’ ran a team of shoplifters targeting retail shops in Birmingham and then sold the stolen items on eBay.

Partners Nicola Wilcox and David Carroll took a huge bounty of stock from a six-strong group of thieves and are estimated to have made more than £40,000 over two years.

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Deported Thief Returns To Reoffend

As reported on Mail Online, a prolific thief who was deported from the UK for shoplifting simply returned to the country and resumed his life of crime.

Eriks Gindra – who had racked up convictions in Nottingham, Doncaster, Leeds, Barnsley and Huddersfield – was kicked out of Britain four years ago.

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Employee’s £45k Scam On Store Cards

The Daily Gazette reports that a shop worker defrauded his boss of almost £45,000, by spending thousands on the company’s Booker’s cash and carry card.

“Greed and dishonesty” was Alan Gracie’s motive as he spent his employer’s cash on meat, pet food, cigarettes and alcohol,

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Ex-Airbus Employee Who Stole £132k Jailed

The BBC News website reports that a former employee of the aviation giant Airbus, has been jailed for two-and-a-half years, after a six-figure fraud.

Carena Jane Land paid legitimate expenses with her company credit card, and would then duplicate claims.

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