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Cheese Thief Jailed For Christmas

According to the Northampton Chronicle website, a shoplifter was sent to jail three days before Christmas after admitting 13 thefts from five shops, totalling £1,600.

Vaughan Coe took booze totalling more than £870 from M&S, BP, One Stop and Sainsbury’s, plus £80-worth of Cathedral City Cheddar cheese from B&M.

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Thief Banned From Four Retail Chains

According to the Lancashire Telegraph website, a serial shoplifter has been banned from all branches of Boots, Homebase, Tesco and Nisa stores for two years.

Colin Andrew Bray pleaded guilty to five charges of shoplifting and one of assaulting a member of staff at Nisa who had tried to stop him leaving.

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Virgin Bank Employee Stole £1.3m

The Chronicle Live website reports that a bank worker helped herself to £1.3 million in a shocking abuse of trust whilst working for her employer, Virgin PLC.

Laura Matthews transferred huge sums to herself and altered records to cover her tracks, only being caught when a stand-in noticed a discrepancy.

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Secretary Order To Repay £23k

As reported on The South Wales Argus website, a secretary who stole £22,500 from her primary school has been ordered to pay back all the money – or face 12 months in jail.

Charlotte Pearce created a false trail of invoices to cover her tracks as she plundered the cash from the school’s various coffers.

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Fake Alcohol Warning To Shoppers

The National website reports that shoppers have been warned of the serious health risks of drinking counterfeit alcohol this 2021 festive season.
Food Standards Scotland said the sharp rise in food and drink sales over Christmas increases the risk of illegal and counterfeit alcohol finding its way onto the Scottish market.

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Fake Armani & Gucci Items Seized

The Kent Online website reports that a crackdown on the sale of counterfeit goods has seen fake Armani and Gucci items seized at a market in Swanley.

A team of 17 officers seized items including: adult and children’s clothing, bags, hats, sunglasses, belts and watches.

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