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Cage Fighter Stole £82k

The Wales Online website reports that an amateur cage fighter thief stole £82,000 from his employer by withdrawing cash and buying flights and other items.

David Pollard covered up his thefts by falsifying invoices and changing security information on the company’s bank account.

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AI Used To Spot Thieves

From across The Pond, the New York Times website reports on how facial recognition technology is being used in the UK to combat the rising numbers of shoplifting offences.

When one such piece of software, Facewatch, spots a flagged face, an alert is sent to a smartphone at the shop.

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Company Director’s £3m Con

The Yahoo! News website reports that a company director deceived clients out of more than £3 million to fund his lavish lifestyle.

Duncan Grant – jailed for over 12 years – convinced individuals to invest in his legitimate enterprise but only invested only a fraction of the money raised.

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Policewoman Repeatedly Shoplifted

The Luton Today website reports that a Bedfordshire police officer has resigned after she admitted to repeatedly stealing from a branch of Sainsbury’s.

PC Sarah Bell was caught by an in-store detective using a self-scan machine to pay £41 for goods that were actually worth £222.

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70 Tonnes Of Fake Goods Seized

As reported on the BBC News website, detectives have seized 70 tonnes of counterfeit items hidden inside more than 150 shipping containers, during a 48-hour search of a site on the outskirts of Manchester.

Police officers have linked the shipping containers to the illegal trade in fake goods on Bury New Road.

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Lettings Manager Stole £140k

A reported on the Chester Standard website, a letting manager defrauded a six-figure sum from a Chester estate agents, which led to them having to make redundancies.

Wendy Dare had full access to the company account and made many fraudulent payments from that account over several years.

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