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Thief Stole To Take Son On Holiday

According to The Sun, a brazen thief stole £46,000 from her boss to take her son on holidays – whilst being investigated about the theft of £122,000 from her previous job.

Accounts assistant Natalie Johnston bought her son holidays to Rome, Ireland and the Lake District.

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Thief Blew £40k On Luxury Items

According to the Daily Record website, a fraudster stole almost £40,000, which she blew on Louis Vuitton bags, Rolex watches and Gucci shoes.

Hasnija Osmanagic siphoned cash from her employer’s business into her own personal account over a 17-month period.

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Shoplifting Rates Over 1,000 Daily

According to the Retail Times website, the UK retail industry suffered from an average of 1,035 incidents every day in 2018, based on analysis of the latest police data.

The stats reveal that retailers reported 377,850 incidents in 2018, with no suspect identified in 42% of cases.

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Romanian Came To UK To Steal

According to the Metro website, a Romanian went on a nationwide shoplifting spree in the UK and stole more than £15,000-worth of goods.

Madalina Horvath travelled to the UK in 2015 and shoplifted across various cities from Cambridge to Manchester.

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Recruitment Fraud Costs UK £24bn

According to the Global Recruiter website, new research has found that recruitment fraud is costing UK organisations £23.9 billion a year.

Lying on applications, using false or fabricated documents and/or arranging false references, is allowing applicants to fraudulently secure positions as senior executives.

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Fraudster Blew £150k In One Night

According to The Sun, an accountant who stole £262,000 from auto repair company Mr Clutch spent a whopping £150,000 in one night.

Darren Carvill’s ‘going out with a bang’ night in August 2018 involved the services of numerous escorts, champagne and cocaine at a private party.

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