Monthly Archives: February 2015

Consultant Falsified Doctors’ CVs

A recruitment consultant who changed eight doctors’ CVs to secure them jobs has been given a suspended sentence.

Ross Etherson admitted 21 counts of making or supplying articles for use in fraud. The judge in the case said it was “purely down to luck” the health of patients had not been impacted.

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Lab Worker Jailed For Ebay Scam

The Daily Mail reports that a Portsmouth man who worked in an Estee Lauder laboratory stole up to 50 items a day during his lunch breaks to supply a couple who were selling stolen make-up and perfumes on ebay in a scam that made them £350,000 in just one year.

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Shoplifter Committed 175 Offences

A prolific shoplifter has been sentenced to 15 months in prison after pleading guilty to the theft of more than £800 of items – his latest in a string of over 175 offences.

Police said: “Howard Lawrence has a horrendous history of offending, amounting to almost 80 convictions taking in 175 offences nationwide.”

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Thief Leaves His Address As Evidence

The Western Daily Press reports that a ‘brainless’ shoplifter left behind his address and identity records after stealing a coat from TK Maxx.

Stephen Priddis went into the store, hung his jacket up and took another one. In one of his pockets was a police national computer memo with his details.

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Third Of Candidates Have Lied On CV

A survey of 2,000 working adults for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 revealed that a third of hopefuls have lied in a bid to land their dream job.

The poll also suggested that being “creative” with the facts on a CV is now considered acceptable by over half, with a third admitting to have lied on a job application.

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Worker Sold NHS Supplies On Ebay

A thieving hospital worker ran a mail order business selling stolen NHS medical equipment – and used the hospital post system to despatch the goods to buyers.

Paul Lloyd, 30, set up a company called “Gloves For You” and sold hundreds of boxes of supplies and even his own NHS uniform.

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