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Eye Surgeon Stole At Airport

Mail Online reports that a consultant eye surgeon stole £370 of cufflinks and ties from the Heathrow airport branch of Hugo Boss after struggling to cope when his wife had a miscarriage and then became terminally ill.

Dr Gurjeet Jutley blamed his actions on being a ‘human in distress’ at a disciplinary tribunal.

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Bus Company Accountant Stole £90k

The Harrogate Advertiser reports that a former finance chief at a leading bus company defrauded the firm out of almost £90,000 and spent the money on designer and luxury goods.

Mark Suter was rated as a trustworthy employee but, over a five-year period, falsified invoices and cheques.

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Woman ‘Addicted To Shoplifting’

A Gloucester woman claimed she is ‘addicted to shoplifting’ because she carried on offending after being given a suspended prison sentence a month previously.

Charlene Ellacott received the suspended sentence on October 17 but on October 20 she stole three bottles of vodka worth £54 from Morrisons.

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‘Tis The Season For Shoplifting

Mail Online brings a story from Down Under, with complete relevance to us Poms, as it reports that, in Australia, nearly a third of all items are stolen over the Christmas period.

Thieves target stores for new-release goods or to impress friends whilst entertaining, with shoplifting professionals taking advantage of crowded, busy shops and selling stolen goods online.

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Mothers Jailed For £2k Thieving Spree

The Bolton News reports that three mothers – with 12 children between them – have been jailed after stealing more than £2,000-worth of designer clothes.

Razwana Ahmed, Nazia Shazad and Nargis Noreen travelled 80 miles to the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet in York where they tried to escape with the haul.

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Twins Funded Drug Addicts Via eBay

The Bristol Live website reports that twin sisters were persuaded to sell stolen goods online in order to fund drug addicts, raking in around £300,000 over a five year period.

Lillian Bowers’ son initially started to get his mum to sell stolen items to fund his drug addiction, and soon enlisted the help of her sister Helen Thomas.

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