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Retailer Forced To Lock Up Coffee

In Aberdeen, a store owner has been forced to lock away jars of coffee after shoplifters decimated its stock of the product, according to the Evening Express website.

The Spar shop on Byron Square, Northfield, now requires customers to ask for coffee at the till.

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Jail For House-Sharing Shoplifters

The Bournemouth Echo website reports that a pair of house-sharing shoplifters have been jailed for 16 weeks each.

Lee Curry and Christopher Heap stole steak and frozen seafood from Bournemouth shops during a spate of offences, including teaming up to steal frozen seafood worth £165 from Iceland.

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Shoplifting ‘Glamourised’ By TV Show

As reported in The Mirror, viewers of ITV’s This Morning accused the daytime show of “glamourising” shoplifting by having a notorious shoplifter return to the interview sofa.

Kim Farry – no stranger to the CRS either – claimed that she could rake in up to £20,000 a month in goods, which has amounted to around £2million over the years.

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‘Menace To Society’ Jailed

The Gloucestershire Live website reports that a prolific shoplifter, described by a judge as a ‘menace to society’, has been jailed for over two years for a spate of thefts which netted over £3,500.

Helen Edwards targeted Marks & Spencer, Boots, Matalan and Debenhams in her latest thieving spree.

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Thief Banned From All H&B Stores

The Manchester Evening News website reports that a heroin addict and prolific shoplifter has been banned from all Holland & Barratt stores in the UK.

Paul Dobson stole from the Chorlton branch of the health food retailer on eight separate occasions between February and May last year.

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Thief Hits Asda Despite UK Ban

The Birmingham Live website reports that a serial shoplifter who was banned from every Asda in the country has struck at a branch of the supermarket in Coventry.

Serena Frances Lillah Downs – now jailed for 20 weeks – was banned from the store nationwide, after a £1,000 thieving spree early in 2019.

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