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‘Undervalued’ Employee Stole £41k

The Glasgow Live website reports that a manager who thought he wasn’t being paid enough, stole tens of thousands of pounds from his employers, and transferred the money to his wife’s bank account.

John Speirs – jailed for 21 months – was earning £28,000 a year but he felt undervalued and unappreciated.

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Shop Worker Stole £4.5k

The Hull Live website reports that the owner of a party supply store was left devastated after a close friend and employee stole £4,500 from the business.

Over a period of nine months, Rebecca Kiel issued 51 refunds to herself from the till, having offered to help her boss manage the shop.

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Maintenance Manager Stole £14k

The Wiltshire Times website reports that bosses were left “feeling sick” after a trusted employee used one of their credit cards for a £14,000 personal spending spree.

Wesley Butler stole the money from his employers – called, ironically, Dependable Limited – during a period from June 2019 until March 2022.

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‘Desperate’ Parents Stealing Calpol

According to the Metro website, Calpol is the item most stolen from shops in an East London borough, according to a review of food insecurity in the area.

Tower Hamlets Council’s report says the theft of essential baby products is also on the rise.

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Worker Stole To Pay Back Stolen Cash

According to the Wales Online website, a worker stole almost £70,000 from his firm – to try and pay back the hundreds of thousands he had stolen from his previous employer.

In order to pay off the stolen money – believed to be in the region of £250,000 – Mayur Gaglani defrauded PSE 2 of £69,544.65 using false invoices and the company’s credit card.

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Woman Stole £100k For ‘Loan Sharks’

As reported on the Yorkshire Live website, a woman stole almost £100,000 from her employer, telling him she owed the money to loan sharks.

Farida Mughal worked for an estate agent in Dewsbury where she submitted fake invoices purportedly for maintenance works at the company’s 360 properties.

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