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Shoplifter Stole £3k In One Day

Stoke On Trent Live reports that a serial shoplifter has been jailed after stealing thousands of pounds worth of goods from four of the UK’s biggest retailers.

Jacqueline Deaville’s crime spree included stealing nearly £3,000-worth of goods from Boots, Longton, in just one day – a third of the store’s weekly takings.

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Man’s Ten-Day Thieving Spree

The Lancashire Telegraph reports that a man’s ‘intense personal crisis’ led him to embark on a 10-day shoplifting spree, which netted him goods worth £500.

Dean Roberth Smethhurst got into financial difficulties, fell in with the wrong crowd and started to use heroin after being unable to obtain a pedlar’s licence.

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Shoplifting ‘Constant’ Problem In Ipswich

The Ipswich Star reports that thieves stealing from shops in Ipswich are causing a ‘constant’ problem for town centre police and security teams.

Town centre rangers, who return up to £5,000 of stolen goods to stores each month, admit that this “probably doesn’t even touch the surface” of the amount of thieving that occurs.

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Tesco Workers Planned Online Order Fraud

The Press and Journal reports that a group of Tesco workers hatched a fraudulent plan to steal products from their employer via inflated online orders.

Ashleigh Ritchie, Kirsteen Scott and Emma Heddle took advantage of Tesco’s policy at the time, which meant workers were allowed to do their own internet shopping orders.

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Accounts Assistant Stole Over £300k

The Shropshire Star reports that an accounts assistant employed by a dairy charity has been jailed for stealing over £300,000 in 19 fraudulent transactions.

A court heard that Richard Dicken blamed a gambling addiction and mental health problems for his actions.

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Shoplifting Epidemic In Poole

The Daily Echo reports that traders in Poole are forming new groups to take on thieves, as the town finds itself in the grip of a shoplifting epidemic.

Business owners say thieves are treating their offending as a “nine-to-five job” and, in the new year, a series of organisations uniting police, independent businesses and major retailers will launch in Dorset in a bid to tackle crime.

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