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Accounts Worker Stole Over £30,000

An accounts worker at a firm supplying the NHS took more than £30,000 in less than a year.

Charmaine Moignard admitted siphoning payments off into her personal account and faking statements to mask the fraud totalling £32,460.97, between February 1, 2016 and January 20, 2017.

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Jail For Shoplifting Gang

According to the Daily Post, three couples who stole thousands of pounds worth of property in a “sophisticated and professional” shoplifting expedition have been jailed.

The gang, all from Dublin in Ireland were arrested as they made their way back to Holyhead with over £10,000-worth of goods in their cars.

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Jail For £60k Mobile Phone Fraud

A woman who carried out a £60,000 mobile phone fraud on her employers was jailed at Lincoln Crown Court.

Amy Theobald worked for a farming industry co-operative and ordered thousands of pounds-worth of mobile phones over a two-year period, claiming they were for members of the organisation.

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Candidates Rejected Over CV Claims

The News & Star gives details of a new study that shows many employers have turned away a candidate for a job after discovering dishonest or exaggerated information on a CV.

A recruitment firm commissioned a survey of 400 employers which revealed that three out of five had discovered that a candidate’s CV had been “embellished”.

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Drug Addicts Funded By £300k eBay Sales

According to the Bristol Post, twin sisters sold stolen goods worth £300,000 on eBay, in order to fund drug addicts.

Between 2011 and 2016, Lillian Bowers and Helen Thomas turned from hobby eBay traders to selling thousands of stolen items to the tune of some £300,000, after Bowers’ son Dean started to get his mum to sell stolen items to fund his drug addiction.

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£118,000 ATM Thief Spared Jail

According to Mail Online, an ex-prison officer who stole £118,000 from cash points was allowed to walk free from court after claiming prisoners would recognise him inside.

Chris Farrow and his colleague Jason Nixon, stole thousands from ATMs while working as delivery drivers across the north of England.

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