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£50k For Stolen Goods Sold On eBay

According to Your Local Guardian, a former security manager at upmarket department store Bentalls in Kingston made £50,000 by selling designer goods stolen from the shop.

Daniel Clarke used eBay to run a business called PartTimeTrader that specialised in selling handbags, perfumes and clothing.

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Wickes Boss Stole Over £70k

The Swindon Advertiser reports that the boss of a flagship Wickes store who stole thousands of pounds from work has been jailed for 18 months.

Eamonn Burns – a customer service manager – siphoned more than £70,000 from the tills by operating a false refund scam and falsified invoices in a bid to cover his tracks.

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Gambling Addict Stole £31k

The Mirror reports that a gift shop manager stole more than £30,000 from penny press machines to fund his gambling addiction.

Jason Metcalfe spent six years siphoning off takings from the presses at a tourist attraction in Hull and also plundered another £58,000 from tills, faking refunds and pocketing the proceeds.

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Hermes Driver Stole £36k Of Parcels

The Mirror reports that a delivery driver who stole nearly 700 parcels worth £36,000 and sold them to “unsuspecting customers” on eBay was regarded as a model employee by colleagues.

Lyndon Linton was employed as a driver for Hermes in 2007 and was considered by his colleagues as a “model courier” but would steal parcels allocated to other drivers, containing goods including vacuum cleaners, food processors, bath mats, cooking utensils, and a jar of plastic flowers.

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Jail For Stealing £47k From Security Firm

As reported in the East Anglian Daily Times, a woman who siphoned off more than £47,000 from a security firm she worked at over a period of three years has been jailed.

Allison Thorogood, a payroll manager, had directly transferred around £17,000 to her own bank account and spent c.£30k on the company credit card on personal expenses, as well as withdrawing cash using the card.

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‘Millionaire Shoplifter’ Threatens To Steal Again

Kim Farry, branded Britain’s most shameless shoplifter, has reportedly threatened to go back to her criminal ways just months after she offered to help stores stop theft, according to The Mirror.

The grandmother, 55, has admitted she isn’t content with her £15,000 yearly benefit money and warned if she doesn’t get a job soon she’ll go back to shoplifting.

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