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Granny Stole Waitrose Steaks

The Gazette & Herald reports that a 66-year-old great-grandmother stole steaks worth £60 from a branch of Waitrose in Chippenham.

Marlene Cousins, who has a long history of shoplifting, sold the steak on for cash, to cover a debt.

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‘High Fliers’ Who Lied On Their CV

The Telegraph carried an interesting photo story that documented some of the most high-profile and successful people who have been caught lying on their CVs.

The list includes Gordon Ramsay, Jeffery Archer and a Yahoo! CEO.

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Teacher Sold School Books On eBay

An assistant head teacher stole school text books worth more than £27,000 and sold them on eBay.

Clare Hughes took books from storerooms, classrooms, and even staff members, before selling them online.

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Crackdown On Portsmouth Shoplifters

CCTV footage of unknown criminals targeting Portsmouth will be shared across Hampshire to help identify prolific offenders.

Crime prevention agencies can now access around 2,500 images of criminals which could help put names to faces of thieves.

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Wages Clerk Stole Up To £120,000

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner reports that a wages clerk defrauded a Huddersfield-based plastics firm.

A court heard that Vicky Knott stole up to £120,000 from the business over three years, despite being employed to safeguard the firm’s financial interests.

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‘F1′ Fraudster Lied To Get £65k Job

BBC News reports that a convicted fraudster has admitted lying to get a job at an energy firm he then defrauded of more than £40,000.

James Cox made up references and a CV to land the £65,000 finance director role at Britain’s Energy Coast (BEC).

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