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Lawyer Stole To Fund Conman

The Sun reports that a lawyer stole clients’ money to fund a conman who claimed to be a multi-millionaire, but was actually a penniless bankrupt.

Rose Egarr worked for a Wigan firm and Michael Milner became her ‘Number One Client’, claiming he was a leading figure in the war against organised crime.

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‘Detain Thieves Yourselves’ Advice

As reported on the The Express website, police have sparked outrage after suggesting shop workers could detain thieves themselves with a “citizen’s arrest”.

This had lead to accusations that they are asking other people to do their jobs for them, putting shop owners and staff at risk.

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Conwoman Stole From Greggs

The Derbyshire Times reports that a conwoman who had previously swindled pet owners out of thousands of pounds, has been jailed for stealing cash from Greggs.

Emma Bent was jailed for fraud in 2011, but Greggs did not ask her if she had any previous convictions when she filled out her job application.

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Businesses Need To Combat Fraud

An article on the Personnel Today website addresses the need for business boardrooms to act to protect themselves from the “internal threat”.

The average loss for a UK company with fewer than 100 employees from a single incident of fraud is £150,000 and companies with more than 100 employees are hit by average losses of £78,000 from a single fraud event, according to a report as part of the Nations Global Fraud Study 2018.

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Shop Owner Shames Shoplifters

As reported in The Mirror, a sweet shop owner in Bournemouth has put up posters of suspected shoplifters in his window.

John Keppie blew up images taken from CCTV cameras and stuck the them in the window with the word ‘THIEF’ printed above each image in large capital letters.

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Three Months To Repay Money or Jail

As reported on the Derbyshire Live website, a former finance manager who stole £17,000 from her employer has 12 weeks to cough up more than £5,000 – or face another prison term.

Teresa Clay handed almost £6,000 of her ill-gotten gains to her son before she was arrested and jailed for taking cash from Farsight Recruitment. in Derby.

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