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Ex-NHS Workers Sold Stolen Dental Supplies On Ebay

The Mirror reports that two former NHS workers who stole dental equipment worth £75,000 which they sold on eBay have been jailed.

Darren Lawson who worked as a storeman for NHS Lothian stole the goods before passing them to hospital site supervisor Gianni Donofrio who traded them on the auction website.

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Employee Stole From NatWest Clients

A bent bank worker who stole a fortune from Natwest customers after taking their account details over the phone has been jailed.

Telephone advisor Matthew Parkhouse asked a string of account holders for the security digits on the backs of their cards when he didn’t need them for legitimate banking purposes.

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“Captain” Lied About Military Record

The Plymouth Herald reports that a man lied about being a British Army Captain for 11 years – when he had served just 40 days as a private.

Prosecutors said that Christopher Griffin had claimed on his website that he served as a former Captain for 11 years, “and a further nine years in British Army Reserves”.

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Postman Sold Stolen Goods on Ebay

The Cambridge News reports that a debt-ridden postman stole packages on his rounds in Saffron Walden and then sold some of the items on ebay.

Christopher John Caldwell, 44, pocketed up to £3,000 in a period of two-and-a-half years by targeting parcels and selling on ebay the goods he found in them.

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Immigrant Stole Twice In Four Days

According to The Telegraph, a Romanian criminal was caught shoplifting twice – during his first four days of arrival in the UK.

Coventry magistrates heard Andrei Alexandru Burnei wasted no time in stealing when he arrived in Britain on March 9 as he was arrested on the same day.

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Mum Jailed For £1,200 Shoplifting Spree

The Oxford Times reports that a mother who went on a £1,200 shoplifting spree with three other women has been jailed for three months.

Charlotte Connors, 21, was involved in four thefts in one day whilst already serving a suspended sentence for a proceeds of crime offence.

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