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Waitrose Worker Stole £63k

The Surrey Live website reports that a Waitrose worker with a gambling addiction stole £63,000 worth of goods from the store where he worked – to sell on eBay.

Nick Tauwhare took items including boxes of toiletries, razors, chocolate and coffee, along with flat pack boxes, envelopes, stamps and bubble wrap for postage.

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Butcher Stole Meat To Pay Debts

The Bristol Live website reports that a butcher used his early, unsupervised shifts to steal meat which he then sold to pay off his gambling debts.

Thomas Whitehouse – jailed for nine months – worked at Ruby and White and had been trusted to go to work early, but started to steal stock to order.

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Jail For Serial Shoplifter

The Swindon Advertiser website reports that a serial thief has been jailed for a shoplifting spree three days before Christmas.

Jason Otley took a £69 hooded top from Hugo Boss, before going on to steal sweets from Cadbury’s, water from Costa Coffee, and a Lego model car from Hamleys, worth £238.

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Fraudster’s Fake Receipt Scam

According to The Leamington Spa Courier website, a man devised a scam to defraud Boots stores by printing fake receipts and claimed more than £17,000 in refunds.

Matthew Twigg made purchases amounting to £4,867, but had obtained £17,756 in refunds, resulting in a loss to Boots of £12,889 over a period of 14-15 months.

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Thief’s £1,600 Shoplifting Spree

The Birmingham Live website reports that woman went on a £1,600 shoplifting spree due to having problems with her benefits, a court heard.

Kellie Cummings targeted seven major retailers in a single day, stealing leather gloves and sunglasses from Next, underwear from H&M, and beauty products from Holland & Barrett.

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Prolific Thief Finally Jailed

According to the Greenock Telegraph website, a shoplifter who was allowed bail after plundering £230-worth of items despite having 20 pending court cases against her, has stolen again.

Rhonda McDonald helped herself to booze and soft drinks from an Iceland store in her latest failed raid on local retail premises.

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