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Fake Candy Stores Cost Taxpayers £8m

According to the Evening Standard website, candy store operators on London’s Oxford Street have defied a council crackdown with the number of the ‘eyesores’ returning to record levels.

There are currently 29 US-style candy and souvenir outlets on Europe’s busiest shopping street and during one swoop £215,000 worth of fake goods were seized.

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Etsy Now A ‘Major Counterfeiting Platform’

The Fashion United website reports that Etsy has been exposed as a platform where counterfeit goods are easily bought and sold.

A scathing report by Citron Research has accused Etsy’s management of knowingly or, at the very least, negligently, turning this company into the largest organized clearing house for counterfeit goods in the world.

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£10 A Day For ‘Counterfeit Capital’ Workers

As seen on the ITV News website, the massive trade in the production and supply of fake designer brands has found criminal gangs using young migrants as illegal labour, paying them as little as £10 a day to be “spotters” – people who watch out for the police – or add labels to counterfeit goods.

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Designer Fakes Seized In Kensington

The Evening Standard website reports that hundreds of suspected fake designer items from brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel have been seized during a raid on a Kensington shop.
The haul of 467 suspected fake Dior, Burberry and other designer coats, jackets and accessories was valued at around £200,000.

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Fake Merch Seller To Repay £140k

The Wales Online website reports that a woman who made £250,000 from selling unlicensed band T-shirts without their permission has been ordered to pay back £140,000.

Johanna Donnelly sold T-shirts which were of poor quality, not official or genuine, on her own website and eBay shop which featured the trademarks of a number of big music artists.

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Harry Styles Sues Fake Merch Sellers

As reported on the Metro website, Harry Styles is taking legal action against online criminals pretending to sell his official merchandise online.

The 28-year-old superstar is just one of many artists and brands trying to protect fans and consumers against unauthorised sellers, in an effort to combat fake products being bought and sold online.

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