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Boss Found Equipment On eBay

Wales Online reports that an eagle-eyed boss tracked down missing stock items worth £14,000 after turning detective and monitoring eBay for rogue listings.

After three electrical calibrator devices were stolen from a workshop at Baglan power station, a manager trawled listings on eBay looking for the items.

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Teens Video Themselves Stealing

The Dorset Echo reports that police are investigating videos that have appeared on social media that allegedly show teenage girls brazenly shoplifting in Weymouth.

In one video a group can be seen giggling and shouting in a phone and vaping shop before appearing to steal smoking paraphernalia.

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‘Wild’ Shoplifter’s £23k Stealing Spree

The Manchester Evening News reports that a ‘wild’ shoplifter stole from shops 63 times during a stealing spree that netted him over £23,000 in seven months.

Paul Gillespie raided dozens of shops including TK Maxx, Boots, Sports Direct, Marks and Spencer and Peacocks picking up what he could find.

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Drug Addiction Fuelling Shoplifting

The Hartlepool Mail reports that addicts stealing to buy drugs is the main cause of shoplifting in Hartlepool, rather than stealing due to hunger, according to community safety experts.

A study analysed crime figures and interviews with offenders and discovered that ‘shoplifting remains the offence of choice for the most prolific criminals.’

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Fraudster Stole £100k From Two Companies

The Chad website reports that a glamorous fraudster stole around £115,000 in various ways, including increasing her own salary, making personal purchases on company credit cards and transferring cash into her own account, before blowing thousands on jewellery and beauty products.

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Policewoman Stole Whilst On Duty

The Independent reports that a police officer has been sacked for shoplifting £200 worth of items whilst on duty at Birmingham’s Bull Ring shopping centre.

A misconduct hearing heard that Abigail Smith stole £70-worth of moisturiser from Selfridges and said that she believed it “was a cry for help” after being “let down by West Midlands Police.”

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