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Teacher Sold Goods Stolen By Husband

According to Wales Online, a woman made £1,000 a month on eBay selling watches, sunglasses and other goods stolen from Swansea’s Debenhams store by her husband who was a security man there.

A jury has been told that 37-year-old Mari Richards used some of the cash to fund spa treatments in Bath and trips to the Ritz hotel and shopping sprees at Harrods in London.

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Crook Took Daughter Shoplifting

The Courier reports that an elderly crook admitted being responsible for shoplifting offences over several months along with his 50-year-old daughter.
According to a police source, their appearance was the ‘perfect cover’ as they ‘looked like they were about to set off on a Saga holiday.’

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Numbers Lying On CVs Increase

HR Magazine reports that nearly two-thirds (63%) of CVs contain lies, a rise of 15% in the past decade, according to an analysis of 3,000 CVs.

A report found 12% of candidates inflated their job titles in an attempt to climb the career ladder, replacing titles such as ‘graduate’ or ‘intern’ with ‘manager’ or ‘supervisor’.

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Stolen Returns Sold On Ebay

A warehouse worker stole returned kitchen goods from his employer then sold them on eBay.

Mark Livesey worked in the warehouse area where returned stock and rejected fixtures and fittings were kept. He took the goods, reconditioned them and they were sold via his ex-girlfriend’s eBay account.

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Shoplifting Gangs Target Kiddie Recruits

Children as young as 10 have been arrested for shoplifting in Glasgow stores, according to the Evening Times.

Almost 500 youngsters have been nabbed by city cops in the past year. Of those, 303 were aged between 11 and 15 and, most shockingly, six schoolchildren – aged just 10-years-old – were linked to the crimes.

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Shoplifter Jailed After 523 Offences

Britain’s most prolific shoplifter has been jailed after being caught carrying out his 523rd offence – stealing £111 worth of groceries from Iceland.

Over 45 years of offending, Hankinson targeted high street shops and had even taken his unsuspecting wife on a shoplifting jaunt during a sightseeing coach trip.

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