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Cleaning Manager Diverted £170k

The Southwark News website reports that a cleaning manager tried to pocket almost £170,000 from the financial company Blackrock UK to buy a house in Colombia and several holidays.

Hoover Yasno-Moreno used his role as contracts manager to alter bank details to divert thousands of pounds to himself.

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Accountant Stole Over £250k

As reported on the Lancashire Telegraph website, an accountant stole more than a quarter of a million pounds from his employers, and spent the money on prostitutes, hotel stays and laptops.

Darren Parker started to transfer and withdraw money from the company into his own accounts soon after being employed in 2018.

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University Lost £2m To Fraud

The Argus website reports that a man who oversaw payments at the University of Brighton fraudulently stole over £2 million from the institution.

David Hall was employed as head of income and payments and used his position to steal money and cover up the thefts over a period of 30 years.

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Tesco Tags Own-Brand Honey

According to the Mirror website, honey containers were fitted with the anti-theft device at a Tesco Express store in North West London, including Tesco’s organic squeezy clear honey, which costs £3.85.

The cost of living crisis has led to a rise in shoplifting, with recent research finding that 34% of UK adults had stolen something using a self-scanning till.

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Fake Candy Stores Cost Taxpayers £8m

According to the Evening Standard website, candy store operators on London’s Oxford Street have defied a council crackdown with the number of the ‘eyesores’ returning to record levels.

There are currently 29 US-style candy and souvenir outlets on Europe’s busiest shopping street and during one swoop £215,000 worth of fake goods were seized.

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Thief Stole £500 In Less Than A Month

As reported on the Cambridgeshire Live website, a thief who stole more than £500-worth of goods in less than one month has been jailed.

Karl Jones targeted a branch of Next for three weeks in a row, stealing two expensive lights and several diffusers.

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