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Palace Worker Stole From Royal Family

According to the Evening Standard website, a Buckingham Palace catering assistant stole a ‘significant quantity’ of medals and official photos of the Royal family and sold them on eBay.

Adamo Canto had been given extra cleaning roles, allowing him access to normally restricted areas.

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PC Scanned Carrots For Doughnuts

According to the Peterborough Matters website, a police officer scanned a 7p barcode for carrots instead of a £9.95 box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

PC Simon Read was on duty and in uniform when he purchased four items from Tesco – a tray of 12 doughnuts, the carrots, a sandwich and a drink.

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Tesco Accused Of Racism In Fight Against Thieves

The Aljazeera website reports that Tesco has been accused of racial profiling and fuelling discrimination after displaying anti-shoplifting signs in Romanian.

A woman shared an image on social media of the posters in a Tesco branch in Telford, which warned would-be Romanian thieves of prosecution.

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Drug Addict’s £2k Thieving Spree

The Kidderminster Shuttle website reports that a drug addict thief stole toys, cosmetics, condoms and lubricant worth more than £2,000.

Kalie Blaymires stole £913 worth of cosmetics in a single shoplifting spree at Marks & Spencer in Worcester.

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Thief Bought Range Rover And Rolex

According to the Bournemouth Daily Echo website, a woman stole £437,000 from her employer to bankroll a lavish lifestyle, including the purchase of a Range Rover and an £8,300 Rolex watch.

Emma Elizabeth Rhodes – jailed for five years – stole the money over a two-and-a-half year period from Norco Holdings.

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Mum Uses Pension To Pay Thief’s Debt

According to the Lancashire Telegraph website, a man who stole over £65,000 from his employer and spent it on family holidays has avoided going to prison – after his mum raided her pension to pay back the company.

Aaron Chadfield stole from cooker and stove makers Esse, where he worked as an account manager.

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