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Woman ‘Conned’ Self-Service Tills

A mother conned Asda’s self-service tills by using reduced item stickers on full-price goods, according to The Mirror.

Claire Dunleavy used the cut-price barcode – scanning 22 items of cheap bread – to pay just £15.66 for a trolley load of goods which should have cost her £69.02.

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Banned Doctor Steals GP’s Name

According to Kent Online, a banned doctor stole the name of a real Thanet doctor to land posts in Kent and other parts of the UK.

He created a fictitious CV in the name of the GP, faked a bank statement, EDF energy bill and created a letter purporting to be from a GP’s surgery.

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Man Sold Fake Car Accessories Online

An online trader who was selling counterfeit car accessories for high range BMWs and Porsches has been given a conditional discharge after pleading guilty at court, according to Belfast Live.

In a two-year period, investigations show he had in excess of 8,800 sales on eBay with a total value of more than £80,000.

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Sainsbury’s Staff Afraid To Go To Work

The Hull Daily Mail reports that Sainsbury’s shop assistants are afraid to go into work because of aggressive thieves who hurl violent abuse.
The three men have been stealing alcohol on a daily basis since June 6. They had previously been seen stealing cheese, meat and confectionery.

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Competition Forces Jobseekers To Lie

Just over half of job candidates feel it is necessary to lie on a CV to get an interview due to high levels of competition.
The percentage of people lying on a CV correlated with the most competitive regions for jobs and 75% of jobseekers believed it was a company’s responsibility to uncover a lie.

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Refund Scam Used For Ebay Fraud

According to Pendle Today, a Sainsbury’s supervisor stole almost £2,500 with a refund trick, then bought expensive goods to sell on ebay.

Thomas Grice – who claimed he was in debt due to credit cards and loans – scanned items in the store and put their value on gift cards.

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