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Scottish Shoplifting Hits Five-Year High

iNews reports that shoplifting has hit a five-year high in Scotland as people resort to stealing food from supermarkets, according to police statistics.

Figures published by Police Scotland show that shoplifting has increased by almost 10 per cent in the past year, with 31,321 crimes recorded.

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Bad Hires Are Realised Immediately

According to the HR Director website, two in five businesses take just two weeks to discover that they have hired the wrong person, according to independent research.

In a recent study, the most common reasons given were a mismatch of skills, under-qualified candidates and people found to be lying on their CVs.

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Charity Boss Stole Over £700k

According to the BBC News website, the former boss of a branch of Age Concern defrauded the charity out of more than £700,000.

John Briers who was chief executive of its South Tyneside office used fake invoices and banked unauthorised bonus payments over an eight-year period.

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Self-Checkout Scams On The Rise

A Guardian article explores the murky exploits of first-time and seasoned shoplifters, as items stolen at self-service tills increased to more than £3bn in 2017.
Some scams have names – “the banana trick”, “the switcheroo” and “sweethearting”, although there are so many techniques in practice that not all of them do.

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Tesco Trials CCTV At Self Checkouts

According to The Mirror, Tesco has installed CCTV at self checkouts in a selection of stores as part of a crackdown on shoplifters.

Shoppers’ faces will now appear on screens above each checkout at the stores, with a written warning in each bagging area.

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Door Fixings Worth £20k Sold On eBay

The Worcester News reported that two workers betrayed the trust of their employer by selling stolen company gear on eBay.

Following a tip-off from a supervisor, Darren Howes and Craig Wright were found to have stolen door fixings from their place of work, Permadoor in Upton.

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