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Shoplifters To Pay For CCTV

Supermarket giant Tesco is seeking compensation from two shoplifters to help fund security at its stores.

A court heard that, “Tesco will be pursuing [the shoplifters] in a civil case for compensation because they have to employ security guards and upgrade their CCTV to deal with shoplifting offences like these.”

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Exec’s Friends Posed As ‘Bosses’

According to the Mail Online, US businessman Andrew Flanagan organised for friends to pose as former employers, supplying fake references, numbers and email addresses.

Flanagan claimed to have held executive positions including roles with retail chain Zara, yet had never held a post with the company.

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Vodka Thief Banned From Tesco Stores

A Romanian national has been barred from entering any Tesco stores after trying to steal vodka from a branch of the supermarket chain in Beckton.

According to the reported story, Alexandru Carstina tried to steal the items so he could sell them on and send money back to his family who are struggling in Romania.

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Police Launch Shoplifting Crackdown

Police in South Derbyshire are set to launch a crackdown on shoplifting in the run-up to the festive season.

Business owners and staff members will be offered top tips on how to ‘spot a shoplifter’ as well as being given advice on how to deal with someone who has stolen something.

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Hull Man Stole £90k Using False Returns

According to a story in the Hull Daily Mail, an employee who stole £90,000 from a Hull motor parts company was spared jail after promising to pay the firm back.

Waterloo Motor Trade Ltd. offered customers a ‘no quibble’ returns policy that was exploited by David Peters, 43, by filing false returns at the firm.

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Judge Condemns Shoplifting Family

A judge has condemned a shoplifting family who stole designer clothes and sold them online.

According to the York Press, Dawn Bainbridge and her two daughters stole clothes from high street stores over a four-month period and sold them via Facebook for more than £7,000.

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