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Butcher Stole Meat To Pay Debts

The Bristol Live website reports that a butcher used his early, unsupervised shifts to steal meat which he then sold to pay off his gambling debts.

Thomas Whitehouse – jailed for nine months – worked at Ruby and White and had been trusted to go to work early, but started to steal stock to order.

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Fraudster’s Fake Receipt Scam

According to The Leamington Spa Courier website, a man devised a scam to defraud Boots stores by printing fake receipts and claimed more than £17,000 in refunds.

Matthew Twigg made purchases amounting to £4,867, but had obtained £17,756 in refunds, resulting in a loss to Boots of £12,889 over a period of 14-15 months.

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Santander Worker’s Passport Fraud

The Birmingham Live website reports that a Santander employee scanned bogus passports and photocopied documents in a bid to help others fleece customers.

Amila Haputantridge was employed in a customer-facing role and his job involved a high degree of trust, dealing with customers’ personal details and bank accounts.

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Co-Op Using Face Recognition

The Wired website reports that branches of Co-op in the south of England have been using real-time facial recognition cameras to scan shoppers entering stores.

In total 18 shops from the southern Co-op franchise have been using the technology in an effort to reduce shoplifting and abuse against staff.

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PC Scanned Carrots For Doughnuts

According to the Peterborough Matters website, a police officer scanned a 7p barcode for carrots instead of a £9.95 box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

PC Simon Read was on duty and in uniform when he purchased four items from Tesco – a tray of 12 doughnuts, the carrots, a sandwich and a drink.

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Police Officer Sacked For Shoplifting

According to the Independent website, a police officer has been sacked and barred from the professions after being caught stealing £75-worth of food from a branch of Sainsbury’s.

When the constable – who cannot be named for legal reasons – was stopped by security staff at the Sainsbury’s in Bristol, he told them: “I was being a bit cheeky and thought I would chance it”.

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