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High Tech Thieves Stole Spirits Worth £50k

According to the Exmouth Journal a high-tech shoplifting gang stole almost £50,000 worth of expensive bottles of spirits from supermarkets in Devon and Cornwall over a five-month period.

Romanians Marian Stoica and Robert Matei – both jailed for two years – targeted stores in towns across the two counties, using special tools to remove security tags.

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Tags On 85p Snack Bars

The Gloucestershire Live website reports that Aldi has added security tags to packets of sweets worth as little as 85p in at least one of its UK stores.

Yellow stickers, which activate security systems if stolen, have been pictured on Kinder snack bars priced at 85p and Maltesers, Minstrels and Revels costing £1.35.

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Carpet Store Manager Stole £30k

The Basingstoke Gazette website reports that a deputy manager at a carpet store stole more than £30,000 from his employer to fund his gambling addiction.

Daniel Salmon was working as part of the leadership team at Tapi Carpets and Floors when he pilfered £31,313 in a matter of weeks.

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Thieves Target Self-Checkouts

The Talking Retail website reports that supermarkets’ self-checkouts are being particularly targeted by first-time shoplifters who have no criminal background.

According to retail artificial intelligence specialist Scanwatch, UK retailers have reported an 18% rise in theft in the second half 2022 and, in nine out of 10 incidents, self-checkout tills were being used.

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Sky Worker’s Bitcoin Blackmail

The Wales Online website reports that a former Sky employee tried to blackmail the broadcaster out of more than £40,000 worth of Bitcoin after he was sacked.

Imoudu Chaba tried to extort £44,286 by hacking a former colleague’s hard-drive to steal over 11,000 customers details.

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Spoof Poster Says ‘OK To Steal From Tesco’

The MyLondon website reports that a poster has been seen at a North London bus stop displaying the message, “It’s OK to shoplift at Tesco if you’re broke. We still make profit.”

The spoof, which appears to poke fun at the supermarket giant, includes branding with the company logo and the slogan ‘Every little helps’.

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