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Spoof Poster Says ‘OK To Steal From Tesco’

The MyLondon website reports that a poster has been seen at a North London bus stop displaying the message, “It’s OK to shoplift at Tesco if you’re broke. We still make profit.”

The spoof, which appears to poke fun at the supermarket giant, includes branding with the company logo and the slogan ‘Every little helps’.

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Employee Fraud Rises In 2021

The Mortgage Finance Gazette website reports that cases of fraud by employees rose due to Covid-19 last year, according to KPMG’s latest UK Fraud Barometer.

The number of fraud acts committed by employees rose from 44 in 2020 to 66 in 2021, with the majority of cases shown as being cyber-enabled.

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BA Manager Jailed For £365k Fraud

The Chronicle Live website reports that a former British Airways worker has been jailed for a sophisticated £365,000 compensation fraud.

Anthony Robertson completed claim application forms online, pretended to be a customer and then used his own bank details to receive the pay-outs.

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Recruiter Worker Stole £13k

The Stoke Sentinel website reports that an account manager at an employment agency stole more than £13,000 from his employer.

And, whilst James Pemberton was being investigated for that offence, he also stole over £9,000 from a family-owned car garage business.

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AI Tech Used To Combat Thieves

The Convenience Store website reports that a London-based Nisa store has invested in smart technology to tackle shoplifting and has stopped 15 thieves in two weeks.
Once connected to existing cameras through the internet, Artificial Intelligence (AI) software monitors all the cameras for shoplifters.

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Teens ‘Recruited’ For Shoplifting Scam

The Wales Online website reports that a crime gang recruited teenage girls around the UK in a £500,000 shoplifting scam.

Gang members, including ringleader Isaiah Olugosi, recruited, trained and transported the youngsters to commit refund fraud in high street stores across the country.

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