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Wales Worst For Interview Fibs

According to HR News, Welsh workers admitted they were the most likely in Britain to tell lies at a job interview.

The specially-commissioned research saw 21.7% of Welsh workers admitting they deliberately fibbed during an interview, closely followed by the Scots with 20.8%.

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Shoplifter Couldn’t Remember Stealing

Lincolnshire Live reports that a woman could not remember stealing four trolleyloads full of shopping.

Magistrates decided to clear Tammy Ann Chapman of all four charges because she was on medication and claimed she could not remember any of the thefts from the Tesco Extra and Asda supermarkets.

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Jail For ‘Skim-Scanning’ Foursome

The East Anglian Daily Times carries a story of four Asda checkout operators who stole hundreds of items in a “skim-scanning” fiddle.

Rachel Hassall, Angelina Mosley, Sally-Anne Sadler and Tracey Tate helped each other to avoid paying for items by “elevating” them over the scanning devices at checkouts.

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Royal Marine Officer Accused Of eBay Fraud

According to the Plymouth Herald, a Royal Marine warrant officer stole corps equipment worth almost £67,000 and sold them on eBay, a court was told.

Michael Bath is accused of stealing military property – including military boots and badges – from the Commando Training Centre at Lympstone, in East Devon.

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Accountant Stole £122k From Employer

According to Mail Online, an accountant claimed she stole £122,000 after becoming frustrated at being overlooked for promotion because she was ‘from outside the UK’.

Diana Vysniauskiene took the money from S-RM Intelligence and Risk Consulting Ltd – a cyber security firm – using her ill-gotten gains to pay for lavish trips abroad.

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Trusted Manager ‘Betrayed’ Tea Room Owner

Lincolnshire Live reports that a former manager of a tea room who stole thousands of pounds from her boss has been ordered to pay back almost £20,000.

Lucy Hockney stole the cash when she worked at Grayz Tea Rooms in Lincoln, having been “presented as a very good, capable and trustworthy person”, by the owner of the business.

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