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Fraudsters Must Repay £40k

According to the Warrington Guardian website, a couple who defrauded a soft furnishing company they were working for out of £70,000 have been ordered to repay around £40,000.

Carl Hestford and Fiona Kerr stole the money by siphoning company cash to a false PayPal account, but initially denied the fraud.

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Manager Must Repay Stolen £1,200

The East Anglian Daily Times website reports that a former restaurant manager who stole £1,200 via the business’s card machine has been ordered to pay back the money.

Gheorghe Feraru had access to the supervisor’s code, was able to process refunds unchecked and made ten refunds to his own account.

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Shoplifting Mums Lose Jobs

The Mirror website reports that two mothers lost their jobs after embarking on three shoplifting expeditions in Next, inspired by a friend who stole for her child.

Sarah Boardman and Natalie Graham stole £1,500 worth of items including ladies and gents clothing, children’s outfits and homeware.

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Graduating Students’ Selfie Warning

According to the FE News website, a degree fraud service is warning students that sharing photos of graduation certificates on social media drives the multi-million pound trade in fake degrees.

Fraud experts fear a surge in graduation selfies appearing on social media such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter as students look for ways to mark their achievement online.

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Yodel Worker Stole Phones

As reported on the Oldham Times website, a grandmother with no criminal convictions stole £24,000 worth of mobile phones from her work at Yodel in Oldham.

Julie Birchenough worked for the delivery company for ten years and did not have to go through a scanner before and after shifts, unlike her colleagues.

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Medical Centre Manager Stole £184k

The Harborough Mail website reports that a former senior employee at Kibworth Medical Centre has been jailed for 12 months after stealing over £184,000.

Kirsty Whawell defrauded the practice over a six-year period between 2013 and 2019, when she was practice manager.

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