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26% Surge In Shoplifting

According to the website, incidents of retail theft have increased by 26% across ten of the largest cities in the UK.

Cases which include abuse, or physical assault, have also risen from the pre-COVID high of over 450 per day in 2019/20, to over 850 per day in 2022.

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Charity Boss Stole £150k

According to the Liverpool Echo website, a conwoman stole more than £150,000 from the charity she worked for, by transferring thousand of pounds out of her employers’ bank account and into that of her friend’s butty van business.

Donna Wells fled the UK for Turkey before she faced justice for her fraud.

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Shops Becoming ‘Battlefields’

In a shocking story reported on the Daily Mail website, supermarkets and retails stores are being targeted by thieving criminals in an unprecedented shoplifting epidemic.
One Co-op outlet was raided by masked gangs three times on the same day, typically targeting store kiosk areas and alcohol aisles.

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Office Manager Stole Over £900k

As reported on the Metro website, an office manager stole more than £900,000 from her property agent employers to fund a luxury lifestyle – including VIP days out at top sporting events and five-star holidays.

Emma Hunt diverted rent payments into her own account, which allowed to live like a millionaire on a £26,000-a-year wage.

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Headteacher’s Nursery ‘Side Hustle’

According to the Wales Online website, a headteacher benefited financially by sharing profits from an on-site nursery which ran from her school.

Catherine Lloyd-Jenkins did not declare her business interest in the nursery or the fact that she had a close personal relationship with its manager, Michelle Howell.

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Worker Spent Stolen £20k On Porn Sites

As reported on the Wales Online website, a construction company manager stole at least £20,000 from his employer and spent a lot of it on porn websites.

Thomas Stiles altered invoices and payslips over a ten-month period, sending his ill-gotten gains to a secondary bank account.

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