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Thief Stole Again Days After Release

The News & Star website reports that a shoplifter has been sent back to jail after stealing a bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin and toiletries, days after being released from prison.

After being apprehended in Savers, Nicky Hewitson told a staff member, “Sorry, I don’t want to get arrested. I only got out on Friday. I’ve got no money.”

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Cafe Manager Stole £3,700

The North Wales Live website reports that a trusted manager and cook at a family-run café stole £3,700 from the safe, after a bank holiday weekend when the takings were high.

A court heard that it was the fourth time that Mathew Bennett had been found guilty of stealing from an employer.

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Jail For Thieving John Lewis Worker

The Shropshire Star website reports that a John Lewis stockroom worker who stole more than £45,000 of items and sold them online has been jailed.

Lai Uong worked at John Lewis in Bluewater Shopping Centre for more than 17 years before an internal investigation was launched into missing stock, including laptops and mobile phones.

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Amazon and Cartier To Fight Fakery

The Fashion United website reports of the pairing up of Cartier, the French jeweller and online retailer Amazon.

The companies announced two joint lawsuits against a social media influencer and eight other entities for advertising and promoting the sale of counterfeit luxury goods through Instagram.

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Thief Banned From Multiple Retailers

The Sussex Live website reports that a prolific thief has been banned from entering any branch of John Lewis, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, TK Maxx, Boots and Waterstones, amongst others.

The order was made by a court after Sam Bartlett was found guilty of stealing “thousands of pounds worth of items”.

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UK Shoppers Care About Authenticity

As reported on the Just Style website, 78% of UK shoppers care about the authenticity of clothing and fashion items.

A research study also showed that 44% would feel reassured if they had the ability to easily check if a product is counterfeit with the manufacturer or producer.

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