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Estate Agent Stole £300,000

According to the Wales Online website, a lettings manager pocketed more than £300,000 from his hardworking boss and used it to fund a gambling addiction, expensive holidays and fine dining.

Robert Parker was filmed kissing wads of cash whilst stealing them from successful businesswoman Nina Chivers.

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Shoplifter Had 45 Identities

According to the News & Star website, a repeat shoplifter had her 45 alternative identities revealed after being arrested in Carlisle.

Caroline Dicaprio had previously identified herself as Elizabeth Alder, Caroline Allyson, Allyson Estob, or Caroline Allyson Stoker, amongst many others.

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Marine Sold Military Kit On eBay

The Helensburgh Advertiser website reports that a former Royal Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan sold stolen military equipment on eBay.

Jonathan Parkhill stole food, clothes and military gear, including life-saving gas masks, worth almost £14,000 from stores at HM Naval Base Clyde.

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Thief Banned From All Shops In York

According to the York Press website, a woman has been banned from every shop in York for 12 months after staging two shoplifting expeditions to the city.

Amanda Kilkenny – already banned from a number of shops in her native Bradford – travelled to York and targeted Marks & Spencer.

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Falmouth Besieged By Shoplifting Gang

According to the Cornwall Live website, a shop owner in Falmouth believes thousands of pounds worth of goods are being stolen weekly by a ‘professional’ gang of shoplifters who are targeting stores in the town, and describes the police response to the crime wave as “pathetic”.

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Thief Banned From Designer Outlet

The York Press website reports that a travelling shoplifter has been banned from McArthur Glen Designer Outlet for a year, after a sustained stealing spree in December.

John Paul Sweeney told magistrates: “It was Christmas. I was trying to get presents for people.”

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