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Fraudster Stole £500k From Law Firms

The Bromley Today website reports that a ‘serial fraudster’ has been jailed for five years after stealing over £500,000 from various employers.

Oonagh Grant was convicted of stealing from a solicitors in 2011, but changed her name in 2013 to work as a self-employed contractor for a law firm in Lewisham.

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Jail For Thieving Finance Director

The BBC News website carries the story of a finance director who has been jailed for stealing £6m from his employer – which put the company into administration.

Michael Collins stole money whilst working at The Mediterranean Insurance and Reinsurance Company Limited (MedRe) which went bust in 2015.

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Shoplifting Levels At Five-Year High

The Daily Star reports that gangs of thieves have cashed in on police cuts to put shoplifting at a five-year high, with retailers saying that crooks are becoming ever more brazen.

With thieves walking out of shops with trolleys full of stolen goods, store chiefs believe shoplifters think they are unlikely to be arrested.

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Employee Caught Stealing In eBay Sting

The Express & Star website reports that a man who stole from his employer in an attempt to pay back a £50,000 debt was caught after the business set up a sting operation.

Adrian Hale, from Walsall, worked as a picker with Brownhills company L&S Engineers – a supplier of spare parts to the construction and plant hire industries.

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Gambling Addict Stole £14k From Employer

The Plymouth Herald reports that a wedding venue employee stole over £14,000 from his boss and blew the cash on online bookies.

Niki Jones – who falsified his CV to get the job – submitted false invoices from the internet and had the money paid into his own bank account.

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“Day Of Action” On Shoplifters Proves Successful

The Yorkshire Times gives details of a joint operation between West Yorkshire Police and BACIL (Business Against Crime in Leeds) to run a day of action to tackle shoplifting in the city centre.

Known as ‘Operation Balmton’, the manoeuvre consisted of police officers, PCSOs and plain clothed security officers working together in teams.

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