Employee Caught Stealing In eBay Sting

Sunday, 21st May 2017 at 11:02am

The Express & Star website reports that a man who stole from his employer in an attempt to pay back a £50,000 debt was caught after the business set up a sting operation.

Adrian Hale, from Walsall, worked as a picker with Brownhills company L&S Engineers – a supplier of spare parts to the construction and plant hire industries – between July and November 2016.

During this time, he stole 134 items with a combined market value of £7,834, which he then put on eBay and sold through an account named Hale2850.

Hale was trying to recoup cash towards debts he had accrued through what he believed to be a ‘no win, no fee’ court dispute with a previous company he worked for relating to an injury, which left him with ‘huge medical and legal bills’, to pay.

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