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Lego Thief Netted £3k

The Belfast Telegraph reported that a local man has admitted to stealing more than £3,000 of Lego during a three-month shoplifting spree.

In 11 separate incidents, Peter Stewart stole the popular children’s toy from a range of shops including Tesco, B&M and Smyths Toys Superstores.

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Accountant Stole £35k

As reported on the Manchester Evening News website, an accountant stole more than £35,000 from her employer and gifted large cash sums to her family.

Sarah Cunningham’s fraudulent actions ‘left a trail of destruction’ which resulted in at least five other members of staff being made redundant.

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Self-Service Tills Fuel Crime

In a comment piece in the Guardian, a lack of real-life service at store checkouts has helped fuel the current shoplifting crisis, even amongst the middle classes.

The M&S chairman has said, “With the reduction of service you get in a lot of shops, a lot of people think: ‘This didn’t scan properly, or it’s very difficult to scan these things through and I shop here all the time, it’s not my fault, I’m owed it.’”

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Delivery Driver’s Crash Scam

As reported in The Sun, a Tesco delivery driver had to pay damages to his employer after deliberately crashing his van so his friends could claim compensation.

Donovan Rose sparked an investigation after reversing his work van into a parked Mercedes, having been warned by bosses after three other crashes.

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The Thief Vs Security Guard Dilemma

In an interesting piece on the BBC News website, a security guard who caught the mother of a hungry child stealing food, has said he found himself in the middle of a “heartbreaking” situation.

Sam Canning told how he encountered a woman whose son was crying and hungry, so she stole some hot food.

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Duty Free Thief Stole £2k

According to the More Radio website, a thief stole more than £2,000 worth of goods from duty free shops at Gatwick Airport, before boarding his flight.

Guillermo Vargas – travelling to Seville – was seen trying on sunglasses, then leaving the store without paying.

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