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Footie Fan’s Mum Stole £147k

The Mirror carries a story of a mother who stole £147,251 from her employer to pay for her footie-mad son to travel across Europe to watch Everton play.

Irene Taylor handed cash to her 34-year-old son, Andrew, who stayed in five-star hotels and also had skiing trips.

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Gang Stole Millions At Gatwick Airport

The East Grinstead Courier gives details of a gang of Gatwick Airport workers which stole millions of pounds worth of goods from their employer.

Huge numbers of cigarettes, perfumes, alcohol and electrical goods – with a combined value of £2,432,665 – were stolen between January 1 and August 1 2013.

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Stolen Model Train Parts Sold On eBay

The Worcester Observer gives details of Steven Griffiths who worked at DCC Supplies in the city and stole faulty model train parts from the workshop, re-built the models and sold them on eBay.

Griffiths used his daughter’s boyfriend’s information as an alias but his own email address for PayPal.

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‘Shoplifter’ Told To Steal

A story in the Manchester Evening News gives details of a ‘shoplifting’ woman who believed she’d been given a genuine job testing security systems at high-street stores.

A Devon woman was caught shoplifting from Boots and Wilkinsons in April and told police she had recently taken on the role of a ‘personal shoplifter’ – via a job ad on Facebook.

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Yorkshire Firms Lose £4m To Net Crime

The York Press reports that nearly £4 million was stolen from businesses in North Yorkshire over the last year through online crime.

Between March 2015 and 16, a total of £3,952,171 was reported lost by businesses in North Yorkshire as a result of fraud and hacking.

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DfE Worker Stole £1.1m From Funds

The Evening Standard reports that a Department for Education worker swiped £1.1 million meant for youth sports projects and used it to buy a luxury flat.

Edward Fowkes Chapman – jailed for over three years – set up two companies and authorised seven separate payments to them over a two-year period.

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