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‘Menace To Society’ Jailed

The Gloucestershire Live website reports that a prolific shoplifter, described by a judge as a ‘menace to society’, has been jailed for over two years for a spate of thefts which netted over £3,500.

Helen Edwards targeted Marks & Spencer, Boots, Matalan and Debenhams in her latest thieving spree.

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Thief Banned From All H&B Stores

The Manchester Evening News website reports that a heroin addict and prolific shoplifter has been banned from all Holland & Barratt stores in the UK.

Paul Dobson stole from the Chorlton branch of the health food retailer on eight separate occasions between February and May last year.

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Fake Doctor Medicated 164 Patients

According to the BBC News website, a bogus psychiatrist prescribed medication to 164 patients at one mental health trust.

Zholia Alemi – jailed in 2018 for fraud – worked around the UK and for the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT), despite being unqualified.

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Workforce Shrinks After Fraud

The Lancashire Post website reports that the workforce of a family-run TV firm has been left a third smaller after a couple defrauded the company of tens of thousands of pounds.
Karen Corless and Colin Vernon received a suspended jail term and 150 hours of unpaid work respectively, after stealing cash and TVs.

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Teenager Scammed Argos With Refunds

The Hull Daily Mail website reports that a teenage Argos employee used fraudulent refunds and price reductions to scam her employer out of thousands of pounds.

Ashleigh Handley transferred a £5,000 “refund” into her own bank account and reduced Apple products to pennies through the tills.

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RBS Manager Stole Over £100k

As reported on the North Somerset Times website, Benjamin Thornton – a former RBS manager – was given an 40-month jail term for stealing £190,000 over a three-and-a-half year period.

Thornton took cash from the bank and hid the shortfall by moving money around within RBS so his deceit remained hidden.

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