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Beckham Battles Counterfeiters

According to The Sun website, David Beckham’s business team is waging war on counterfeiters who sell fake copies of his designer clothing, fragrances and accessories.

Paperwork shows the fakes are sold on sites including Amazon, eBay and Etsy by firms or individuals based in China or elsewhere in Asia.

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Music Shop Employee Stole £27k

The Oxford Mail website reports that a music shop employee stole £27,000-worth of stock to sell on eBay after struggling with his finances.

Christopher Riton-Hayward began stealing from his employer within months of taking the job and spent half a year taking items from the stock room.

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Stolen Tools Sold On Ebay

The Northern Echo website reports that a machine operator stole precision engineering tools – worth more than £134k – from his employer to sell on eBay.

A court heard how Isaac Okafor carried out the thefts to make money, in part to contribute to his seriously ill father’s medical bills in Nigeria.

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Museum Artefacts Sold On Ebay

According to the GB News website, a former employee of the British Museum is being investigated after artefacts were stolen and offered for sale on eBay.

The museum believes one of its curators could be guilty of stealing tens of millions of pounds worth of items whilst in its employ for over 30 years.

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Trader Sold Fakes In Shop And Online

The Liverpool Echo website reports that a trader caught with fake designer goods and toys from Apple AirPods to Zepter knife sets has been fined nearly £4,000.

Trading Standards officers removed 186 high-value items and designer goods valued at more than £30,000 from Darren Spendlove over a six-month period.

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Rogue Traders Fan’s £378k Fraud

According to the Hull Live website, a fraudster fascinated by the TV programme Rogue Traders turned himself into a conman in a £378,300 VAT refunds scam that netted more than £158,300.

Lance Johns roped in a very hard-up father who handed over his personal details so that the fraud could escalate.

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