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Cleaner Stole Flight Gifts To Sell Online

The Evening Standard website reports that an airport cleaner stole in-flight alcohol and gift sets from a Heathrow warehouse to sell on eBay.

When raiding Eduard Caia’s house, police discovered an “astounding” stash of goods – “stolen drinks and amenity kits literally stacked floor to ceiling”, a court was told.

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P/T Accounts Clerk Stole Over £85k

The Boston Standard website reports that a part-time office and accounts clerk stole more than £85,000 over a seven-year period.

Elizabeth Cullen spent thousands of pounds on clothes, holidays, a new kitchen, beauty treatment, and private health care using money she stole from a car dealership.

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Belfast Bank Teller Stole £6,500

The Belfast Telegraph website reports that a 25-year-old Belfast man stole £6,500 from his employer, Nationwide, to fund his gambling addiction.

A court heard that Stuart Kennedy stole the money over a two-week period and then gambled with it at a local Ladbrokes bookmakers.

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Thief Banned From ALL Shops But One

The Mirror website reports that a woman has been banned from EVERY shop in England, apart from a single branch of Tesco, after a spate of shoplifting.

Anna Burns has not been sentenced for a series of thefts from big name stores, as she has failed to turn up at court on numerous occasions.

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Thief Missed Court Hearing To Steal

The Lancashire Telegraph website reports that – unbelievably – a man failed to turn up for a court appearance because he was too busy shoplifting.

Usman Anwar was due to attend court for stealing alcohol from Morrison’s in August this year, but was arrested on the day of the hearing for pinching perfume from TK Maxx.

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Store Puts ‘Display Packs’ On Shelves

The Metro website reports that a branch of the Co-op in Bristol has resorted to putting empty ‘display packs’ on their shelves in a bid to combat shoplifting.

The store is targeted several times a day – often by the same offenders disguising themselves to avoid detection – so now legitimate customers are forced to request full items from staff.

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