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Boutique Boss Swindled Herself

As reported in The Sun, the owner of a children’s clothing boutique paid herself business cash using the shop’s chip and pin machine.

Katie Lowcock processed fake ‘refunds’ to put cash onto her own personal bank card, and police were called when the card machine’s operators became worried they would not be paid.

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Employee ‘Betrayed’ The Boss & Staff

The Haverhill Echo reports that a small company’s book-keeper stole almost £88,000 from her employer, leaving the MD and staff shocked and betrayed by her actions.

Sue Strong had full access to the firm’s accounting system and had faked invoices before making payments into her own bank account.

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Transport Manager Stole £15,000

As reported in the Bristol Post, a trusted worker devised a simple scam to pocket almost £15,000 of his employer’s money.
Wayne Holden booked jobs for Kings Heavy Haulage and took payment, but then cancelled them on the firm’s books. He then either put the payment in his bank account or kept the cash.

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Woman Stole Three Days Into Job

The Derby Telegraph reports that a finance manager stole £17,000 from her new Derby employer, taking her first £1,000 within three days of starting her job.

Greedy Teresa Clay also lied to colleagues at Farsight Recruitment, saying she needed time off work because she had terminal cancer.

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Canterbury’s Most Prolific Criminal Jailed

According to Kent Online, a woman branded Canterbury’s most prolific criminal is back behind bars after notching up her 278th conviction.

Joanne Jones’ latest victims included an 11-year-old girl and a city centre store which she targeted four times – despite being banned from the shop.

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‘Staggering’ Fake Degree Trade Uncovered

The BBC reports that thousands of UK nationals have bought fake degrees from a multi-million pound “diploma mill” in Pakistan, according to a recent investigation.

Buyers include NHS consultants, nurses and a large defence contractor, with one British buyer spending almost £500,000 on bogus documents.

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