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School Secretary Stole £47,000

The Northern Echo website reports that a woman admitted to stealing £47,367 from the village primary school where she was secretary for 13 years.

After originally denying all charges, Sharon Dickinson changed her plea and admitted fraud and theft from St Michael’s Church of England Primary School.

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‘Spiderman’ Shoplifter Apprehended

The Sun reports that a suspected shoplifter resorted to superhuman evasion tactics by climbing up to the ceiling of a branch of Asda in an attempt to flee security.

Dubbed the ‘Spiderman Shoplifter’, an 18-year-old man was seen to climb up a structural pillar and shuffle along lighting fixings and gas pipes.

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Fraudster Blamed Wife’s Spending

According to the York Press website, a financial controller who was caught cheating his care homes company employer out of over £23k, blamed his wife, claiming he “couldn’t stop her spending”.

James Craig Spence used his access to the company bank account to siphon funds into his own account.

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Student Stole Groceries Worth £700

The Bristol Live website reports that an accounting student ran up a drug debt and stole almost £700 worth of groceries.

Anotidaishe Mutepfa stole £677.81 worth of food and Corona beer from Sainsbury’s on two occasions.

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Thief On ‘Second Chance’ Kept Stealing

The Rugby Advertiser website reports that a warehouse worker stole perfumes and cosmetics while he was already subject to a suspended prison sentence.

Piotr Durat had stolen iPhones worth around £45,000 but managed to get a warehouse job and continued stealing up to £8,000-worth of products.

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Car Dealership Manager Stole £60k

According to the Car Dealer Magazine website, a Maserati dealership brand manager defrauded his employer out of more than £60,000 by having customers pay money into his own account.

When bosses noticed a gap in their company accounts, Jamie Dyos tried to cover up his actions by repaying the money he had taken from two sales.

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