Monthly Archives: April 2015

Millionaire Caught Stealing From Tesco

A man has been found guilty of shoplifting meat and wine worth £200 from a Tesco store, despite the fact he is a multimillionaire company director.

Ronan Ghosh was caught on the supermarket’s CCTV stashing goods in a bag. His Birmingham-based recycling company turns over £16million per year.

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Steward Sold Stolen Camera On Ebay

According to the Mirror, Fernando Miguel Andrade Viseu, a steward for Ryanair, stole a camera from a passenger and sold it on ebay.

The passenger, Aaron Galloway, got home and went on ebay hoping to find a replacement and was astonished to see his camera for sale with just 33 minutes left on the auction.

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Primark Worker Took Refunds Himself

A Primark employee from Dagenham has admitted issuing £500 worth of refunds to himself after closing time, according to the Barking and Dagenham Post.

Store bosses became suspicious after a high number of refund transactions connected to Felix Ogunleye’s employee number took place after hours.

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Shoplifting Haul Fills House & Garden

The Telegraph reports that police found more than 1,300 pieces of stolen clothing, bags and shoes in a grandmother’s property in Norfolk.

Christine Carriage had filled her garden, garage, cupboards, bedroom and dining room and an eight-foot clothing rail was packed so full it had bent out of shape.

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Fake University Degrees Website Investigated

The BBC reports that a government body is investigating a website in China selling fake degree certificates from many UK universities.

Posing as a customer, reporters from BBC Radio Kent found a website offering certificates from dozens of UK institutions, including the universities of Kent and Surrey.

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Dodgy Doctor Exposed As CV Fraudster

According to Kent Online, ‘Dr.’ Sarah Sims was exposed after applying for job at Ferndearle Child Care Services in Folkestone with list of fake qualifications.

In her job application she said her ‘line manager’ in the army was a Sgt Major Darren Pugh, but he turned out to be her 48-year-old husband.

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