Steward Sold Stolen Camera On Ebay

Thursday, 16th April 2015 at 7:04pm

According to the Mirror, Fernando Miguel Andrade Viseu, a steward for Ryanair, stole a camera from a passenger and sold it on ebay.

Teacher Aaron Galloway, 23, was on a half-term city break to Prague when he left his expensive SLR camera on the seat as he landed in the Czech Republic capital.

Ground crew phoned the flight attendants within minutes but cabin crew said there was no sign of the £499 Nikon.

Dejected Aaron got home and went on Ebay hoping to find a replacement and was astonished to see his camera for sale with just 33 minutes left on the auction.

He messaged seller Fernando Miguel Andrade Viseu who confessed to the theft – and admitted being a Ryanair flight attendant.

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