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‘Model Employee’ Stole £3k

The Powys County Times website reports that a model employee betrayed his employer’s trust by stealing cash and goods worth £3,604.

Ryan Fage was highly thought of, and was described by his employer as a polite young man with a good attitude who never missed a shift at the Pantry Stores.

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Tags On 85p Snack Bars

The Gloucestershire Live website reports that Aldi has added security tags to packets of sweets worth as little as 85p in at least one of its UK stores.

Yellow stickers, which activate security systems if stolen, have been pictured on Kinder snack bars priced at 85p and Maltesers, Minstrels and Revels costing £1.35.

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£1m Fake Goods Seizure

The Hertfordshire Mercury website reports that over £1million-worth of counterfeit goods was seized from an open-air market.

The items seized included counterfeit clothing, trainers, perfume, leather goods and earphones, following customer complaints and tip-offs that fake goods were on sale.

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Carpet Store Manager Stole £30k

The Basingstoke Gazette website reports that a deputy manager at a carpet store stole more than £30,000 from his employer to fund his gambling addiction.

Daniel Salmon was working as part of the leadership team at Tapi Carpets and Floors when he pilfered £31,313 in a matter of weeks.

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Urine And Cyanide Found In Fake Scents

As reported on the Metro website, police have warned shoppers to avoid purchasing fake perfumes after bootleg scents were found to contain traces of human urine and even cyanide.

Authorities also claim that fake cosmetics such as eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss and foundation have also been found to contain toxic levels of arsenic, mercury and lead.

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Ops Manager Stole Over £17k

The Bolton News website reports that an Operations Manager ‘flagrantly betrayed’ the trust put in him when he stole thousands from his employer and secretly filmed women for his own sexual pleasure.

Gareth Edwards worked at the family-run business, Big Chief Tipis, for around 18 months and all the while created false invoices to pay money into his own account.

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