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Benefits Cheat Sold Stolen Goods On eBay

According to The Sun, a shopaholic who sold stolen goods on eBay while fraudulently claiming thousands of pounds in benefits has been ordered to pay back the remainder of her ill-gotten gains.

Kristina Roberts had previously admitted four counts of benefit fraud between 2009 and 2013, and received a suspended prison sentence relating to selling good good on eBay that she had stolen from shops.

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Booze Still Tops British Shoplifting List

According to The Drinks Business, a survey of around 100 shops across the UK has found that alcohol was still the number one item targeted by shoplifters, despite increased measures by retailers to protect their stock.

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Nurse Forged Qualifications Letter

According to the Manchester Evening News, a nurse who forged a letter in a bid to convince her employers she held an anaesthetics qualification she did not have has been struck off.

Lynne Margaret Robinson admitted that she ‘panicked’ and forged the letter because she was worried that she would lose her job.

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Thief Stole Three Dysons

A serial shoplifter stole three Dyson vacuum cleaners during three separate thieving sprees in Taunton, according to

Jamie Weetman pleaded guilty to three charges of theft from Sainsbury’s, in Billet Street, Taunton.

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Bogus Diploma Scam Revealed

An investigation by The Sun has exposed a college which has been handing fake qualifications – £1,000 for a full diploma – to bogus students who can use them to scam university places and milk thousands in grants or get jobs in the NHS.

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Plastic Bag Tax Sparks Crime Surge

The Daily Star reports that the plastic bag tax has sparked a shoplifting boom as thieves walk out of stores with piles of goods.

According to the CPS, the number of shoplifting cases had risen by 20% since England brought in the 5p charge in October.

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