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Too Rich To Steal From Harrods

The Mail reports that a former Israeli basketball star accused of stealing designer bags worth more than £30,000 from Harrods told a court he was so rich that he didn’t need to steal.

Dov Herman, is accused of taking a £2,800 Christian Dior, a £17,000 Prada and a £11,890 Yves Saint Laurent bag in three separate trips to the high-end London store.

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Phone Company Used Fake Brands & Trademarks

According to the Southern Daily Echo, a mobile phone accessory company has lost out on £200,000 after using fake well-known brands and football club trademarks on phone covers.

Police officers seized hundreds of phone covers from CellBell Ltd in Hampshire, bearing trademarks of Premier League football clubs, including Southampton FC, and other famous brands including Beats and Chanel.

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Police Won’t Attend Shoplifting Scenes

According to Mail Online, Wiltshire Police officers will no longer attend shoplifting crime scenes in Swindon, as part of a money-saving scheme.

Instead, shop owners will be asked to take down details of any offenders, submit any CCTV footage and file their own statements to the police.

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Top City Lawyer Quits After CV Lies

The Evening Standard reported that one of the City’s top lawyers has quit his job after it was discovered that he had invented large chunks of a ‘glittering CV’.

Dennis O’Riordan boasted of first-class degrees and a doctorate at Oxford University and of studying at Harvard University – all of which were lies.

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Stolen Vauxhall Car Parts Sold On eBay

According to a story in The Leader, a Wrexham man has admitted handling and selling stolen Vauxhall parts worth thousands of pounds on eBay.

Mark Roberts had a stash of goods worth £38,000 which had been taken by an employee from the Vauxhall car plant in Ellesmere Port.

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Holidaymaker’s Shoplifting Spree When Cash Ran Out

In Teesside, Gazette Live reports that a holidaymaker went on a shoplifting spree when his spending money ran out.

Lee Heane was staying at a caravan park for a summer holiday and went on a day of shoplifting, stealing items worth hundreds of pounds, including jewellery, Gucci and Ray-Ban sunglasses from high street stores

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