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Employee ‘Drained Company Reserves’

BBC News reports that an accountant stole £315,000 from her employers and spent it on fur coats, designer clothes and handbags.

Julie Sexton-Blythe joined Reliable Stamping in June 2014 and created two accounts with names similar to established clients, allowing her to go undetected for more than a year.

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Shoplifting Gang Swarmed Co-Op

The LBC website shows CCTV footage of a brazen and prolific shoplifting gang who swarmed an East London branch of the Co-Op, stuffing plastic carrier bags with £1,500 worth of tobacco and alcohol, whilst the store’s security guard looked on, simply unable to stop them.

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Manager Stole Thousands From Hotel

As reported in The Westmorland Gazette, an assistant manager of a Lake District hotel has been jailed for four months after stealing thousands of pounds from his employer.

Tyrone Petit was employed at the Inn on the Square hotel in Keswick, and part of his duties included banking the hotel’s takings on a daily basis.

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Shoplifter Blamed Tories For His Crime

Kent Online carries a story of a wannabe actor who blamed the Tories after being caught on camera stealing £220 worth of alcohol from a branch of Waitrose in Hythe.

Mark Conway denied shoplifting – despite admitting he and a friend stole the items – and blamed “the looting Tories, who were the real criminals”.

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Drug Addict Jailed For £40k Fraud

The Hartlepool Mail reports that a fraudster who cheated his employer out of £40,000 to fund his drug addiction has been jailed.

John Simpson worked with Gary Dangerfield – MD of a Birmingham-based compressor firm which supplied Brooktherm – who raised inflated, duplicated or false invoices for Simpson to authorise.

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Soldiers Stole SAS Kit From MoD

Two soldiers and an accomplice have been sentenced for ‘stealing to order’ more than £45,000 of state-of-the-art equipment from the SAS.
Sergeants Craig Davenport and Stephen Suffield took items from MoD stores, which they passed on to Andrew Stevens, who sold them through contacts made on eBay.

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