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Fake Goods Seized On Oxford Street

The Evening Standard website reports that the Metropolitan Police have seized a large number of fake designer goods following a raid on a shop in London’s Oxford Street.

Goods seized included counterfeit hoodies with unofficial trade marks and mobile phone covers with trade marks such as Louis Vuitton and Nike.

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£1.5m Counterfeit Goods Seized

The Birmingham Mail website reports that Trading Standards officers uncovered a huge £1.5million haul of fake clothes and shoes following a probe into gangsters in Walsall.

In all, around 7,500 items were seized as part of ‘Operation Flash’, a national project probing the use of self-storage units to hide counterfeit products.

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Finance Controller Stole £6.7m

The Manchester Evening News website reports that a financial controller stole £6.7 million from the cash reserves of his employer, despite earning over £80k per year.

James Hall stole to ‘secure the financial security of his wife and children’ but then lost most of the money gambling on the FTSE 100 index.

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Bookkeeper’s Fake Invoices Netted £70k

The Manchester Evening News website reports that a bookkeeper defrauded her employer out of nearly £70,000 using fake invoices, passing them off as payments to clients.

Gillian Wilde’s fraud was uncovered when her boss noticed her taking expensive holidays and wearing designer clothing.

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Gin Expert Stole Thousands

According to the Nottinghamshire Live website, a gin distillery expert who was headhunted by a company for his expertise abused his position as a director to steal around £143,000.

Thomas Masters had set out plans to create a gin school with a bar and restaurant, but used the cash he stole to fund his gambling addiction.

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Forensics Worker Stole Cameras

As reported on the Evening Standard website, a forensics specialist working for the Metropolitan Police has admitted stealing cameras from work to sell on eBay.

A search of Greg Brinklow’s home found three cameras, and subsequent investigation of his online trading account led to sales of three more being uncovered.

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