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Jail For £500k Fraudster

Another six-figure theft as the Surrey Comet reports that a Twickenham woman who defrauded her employer out of more than £500,000 has been jailed.

Gwenda Hussey had various finance roles at an events management company since 2008 but was dismissed from the company for gross misconduct in 2015.

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Worker Stole Stock Worth £42k

Lincolnshire Live reports that an electrical wholesale company worker stole £42,000 worth of stock to fund his gambling addiction.

Gavin Phillips, an inventory controller, set up an eBay account to sell the stock he had stolen and falsified documentation to cover up what he was doing.

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Secretary Stole Almost £1million

A story of staggering proportions as the South Wales Guardian reports that a ‘trusted’ secretary stole almost £1 million from her employer over a four-year period.

Susan Jones – jailed for 45 months – stole £955,368 from CK Supermarkets’ accounts to help out her family’s farm after it ran into financial difficulties.

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£100k Theft Forced Firm To Go Bust

As reported on Mail Online, an employee took so much money from her employer that the firm went bust and six workers – including her brother – lost their jobs.

Natalie Akinola accessed the company’s system to take cash during a sunshine holiday to Ibiza and even stole wedding gift money which was meant to help pay staff wages.

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Supermarkets Must Do More To Combat Theft

A story in the Burton Mail gives details of two top cops in Derbyshire saying that supermarkets must do more to deal with shoplifting.

The pair – police and crime commissioner Hardyal Dhindsa and chief constable Mick Creedon – think supermarkets could work with the police more to reduce the problem of shoplifting at a time when the force has more to deal with and fewer officers to solve crimes.

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Employee Stole For Rent And Drugs

Wales Online reports that an employee of the Co-op in Llandeilo stole more than £3,000 to help pay his bills and buy cannabis.

Daniel Gebbie voided customer transactions and pocketed the money himself, over a period of around 16 months.

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