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Co-op Manager Stole £10k From Safe

According to the York Press website, a store manager at a branch of the Co-op stole £10,000 from its safe, then claimed staff were liars when they didn’t believe he was innocent of the theft.

Ian Todd turned off the CCTV in the shop, but before it powered down, it had captured him pocketing wads of cash.

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Stevenage FC Recruiter Stole £15k

The BBC News website reports that Stevenage FC’s head of academy recruitment diverted more than £15,000 intended for youngsters’ kit to his own bank account, to fund his gambling addiction.

Ian Morris would bill parents for subs and kit and then give them his bank details rather than those of his employer.

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Lorry Driver Stole John Lewis Electricals

The Northamptonshire Telegraph website reports that a delivery driver agreed to hand over a high-value pallet of Philips electronics destined for John Lewis to men he owed money for a cocaine debt.

Ray Armer was snared when the items were eventually tracked down to an eBay account connected to his associates.

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Accountant Stole £252k From Employer

According to the Northern Echo website, a heartless accountant stole more than £250,000 from his employer who was busy caring for his terminally-ill wife.

Christopher Sopp had a position of trust, as a Citroen dealership’s financial director, but paid himself large sums which he hid within the company’s accounts.

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Ebay Seller Made £250k From Stolen Goods

The Northern Echo website reports that a man who sold stolen items on eBay benefitted from his crimes by £250,503 over a two-year period.

Malcolm Teasdale sold items stolen from lorries and from an electrical goods shop via an eBay account in his daughter’s name.

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‘Brand Ambassador’ Sold Stolen Butter

The East Anglian Daily Times reports that a trusted food supplier employee stole and sold over 100 cases of butter at knockdown prices.

Suffolk firm Infusions 4 Chefs employed Stuart Clarke as a delivery driver, but within a year he was promoted to a brand ambassador for the wholesaler.

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