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Fake Clothes Gang’s £1m Tax Fraud

Four family members, who were convicted of selling counterfeit clothes, have been sentenced for a £1 million tax fraud after an HMRC investigation.

After their conviction, Yasir, Qaisar and Amar Choudry and Mudasar Alishan were also discovered to have failed to declare any earnings.

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Thief Blames Kleptomania On 1970 Fall

The Mirror reports that Britain’s most prolific shoplifter – with 546 offences – has escaped jail by claiming that a fall he had in 1970 is to blame for his 49 years of thieving.

Harry Hankinson fell from a hotel balcony whilst watching Alf Ramsey’s team on TV during the tournament in Mexico.

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John Lewis Worker Stole £10k

The Ely Standard website reports that a John Lewis warehouse manager was caught on CCTV loading two televisions into a company van, which he then drove home.

Ian Bloomquest returned the van early the following morning and drove his car home, returning to work at a less suspicious time.

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Fraud Risk From Student Selfies

The HR News website reports that students are being warned of the risks of sharing selfies holding their degree certificates.

Graduates taking photos and sharing them on social media provides an opportunity for counterfeiters to copy the latest university logos, crests, signatories, stamps, holograms and wording.

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UK Shoplifters Target Booze

According to the Drinks Retailing News website, theft of alcoholic drinks is the greatest contributor to the annual £11bn cost of shrinkage across the UK.

With shoplifting in general being the main cause of shrinkage – closely followed by thieving staff and administrative errors – BWS was the category most likely to be hit by thieves, followed by cheese, meat, sweets and canned fish.

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Bookkeeper Spent Stolen Cash In Legoland

As reported on the Peterborough Telegraph website, a mother and daughter stole over £100,000 from a Cambridgeshire business, and spent the cash on Legoland rides, private number plates and vets bills.

Nicola Hayter overpaid her own bonuses, her daughter’s wages and bought personal items with the company credit card.

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